Stop the Dream Inn's massive
expansion at West Cliff & Bay

Everyone on the Westside (and Santa Cruz) will be
Impacted by this Project!

Slower Emergency Response

This project could adversely affect the response times for emergency vehicles (Fire, Police, Ambulance, & Lifeguards)

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Traffic Gridlock

Could cause more traffic gridlock and travel times all along the already overburdened west side streets.

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Potential Destablization

Possible destabilization of job site and surrounding hillside due to excavation of 2 story underground parking garage.

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Minimal Affordable Housing

Huge profits for developers building luxury condos....does not help local housing shortage!

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We are opposed to the over-development planned by the Dream Inn at West Cliff  and Bay, which has been submitted to the City of Santa Cruz Planning Department.

The proposed development could:  increase traffic and emergency response times, destabilize surrounding hillsides, increase pollution, and does nothing to promote local affordable housing in an important Westside lifeline-corridor while negatively impacting local quality of life.

Increased first responder time during busy summers

Primary route: 1 mile 
Alternate route: 2 miles 

During busy weekends, summers, and holidays, the Westside is already at capacity along West Cliff Drive and Center Street. Emergency services could be forced to use the longer alternate route due to congestion.

This extra mile could add minutes delay through a densely populated area and may be a dangerous obstruction of emergency response teams access to area (Fire, Police, Ambulance and Lifeguards).

"In an emergency where every second counts...this extra delay could have serious consequences."




Join your neighbors in the fight to stop the Dream Inn expansion project!

More Traffic Gridlock!

The increase in cars, pedestrians and bicycles from the development will likely lead to increased gridlock along an already congested, vital corridor.

With 15,790 square feet of retail/commercial planned, how will this small area be able to handle the significant increase in foot and car traffic?


Source: Santa Cruz Metro Route Map

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Potential Destabilization

Geological surveys of this area indicate the ground is made of sandy soils, which can be unstable and prone to damage even from small earthquakes. Santa Cruz is surrounded by small and LARGE earthquake faults!

The planned construction of these massive residential and commercial buildings, and the extensive excavation of a 2 story underground parking garage with 359 parking spaces may cause instability in the surrounding hills and cliffs.


Source: SC County Transportation Commission geology survey

Volunteer to save Santa Cruz westside!

89 Luxury Condos,
Minimal Local Housing, and 15,790 square feet of commercial retail space at a critical intersection.


Only 10 units of “affordable” housing. How will this project help our housing shortage? Are these really affordable?

This only serves huge profits for developers while local residents and tourist bear the full brunt of these misguided plans.

A new Santa Cruz building is being constructed with use of tower crane